Walk a mile in a refugees shoes

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Campaign will re-launch for 2020. Thank you to everyone who supported us this year



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What's this?

Many refugees from diverse countries live in NZ, yet they remain largely unknown to us. So we are going to begin to change that, through this fundraising campaign CNZBA & UNHCR are reaching out to the wider community of NZ to walk a mile in a refugees shoes.

Our Vision

By connecting refugees to the community we hope to build connections, empathy and understanding among the community and inspiration from the stories they will hear during their meetings with refugees in Aotearoa- Starting in Christchurch.

Volunteering at CBA

Use of Funds

Funds raised will help to further establishment of our refugee and migrant business support service. The remaining half will go to Australia for UNHCR to allow UNHCR to respond to refugee emergencies, as well as providing displaced communities with ongoing assistance and protection.

Ways You Can Support The Cause?

There are different ways to support the cause; join the walk, sign up as a volunteer, host a refugee at your home, or simply donate. All participation is by donation upon signup. Thank you very much for your support!

Join the walk, this will be heaps of fun, walking a mile with a refugee or as a group. You can end the walk with a coffee thank you to the refugee or just enjoy the connection and getting outside. What a good way to get to get exercise!

We are looking for refugees and families of refugees to participate as volunteer connecting with local community make friends during the walk or as guest as a hosts house. Thank you!

If you’d rather host the refugee or a group or family for a cup of tea or dinner this is a good way to welcome and connect. Sign up here for that, thank you!

We are looking for volunteers to be part of the walk, or as a co-guest to help with the events on the days. We are also looking for volunteers to help us with distribution of marketing material. Sign up and join the fun. Thank you.

Does your business want to do a staff day out to meet refugees and do the walk as a team- it can be on the weekend, you are welcome! We can work with you to plan that.

Or just  donate some funds as a company or have staff give via payroll giving we welcome all that.

Organised by

"As we approach Refugee Week this year we want to go the extra mile, beyond acknowledgement to connection and opening our hearts, sparing our time, and cash to walk a mile and show our commitment to welcoming and knowing refugees in our neighbourhoods, they are our neighbours. I welcome you to join the effort with me and the amazing team at cnzba and unhcr as we step in solidarity with refugees to make a difference in our nation."
Taz Mukorombindo
Association President of CNZBA
“I am thrilled to be working with the Canterbury New Zealand Business Association on this exciting fundraiser and know that together we can make a real difference to lives of refugees."
Leigh Zimmermann
Events and Community Fundraising Manager of Australia for UNHCR

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