Taz founded the Canterbury & New Zealand Business Association to support women, migrants, refugees and youth become self-sufficient and contribute to their community including by developing their own business and gaining employment

“When I wrote my master thesis I had to find a solution to a world problem that is neglected. Many people don’t see the importance of migrants, and employment and business creation for them is always seen as intractable problem – which is why I have begun to work on a way to help migrants become empowered in enterprise creation. Now I have a group of many volunteers helping me to help others- i believe together we can find a way that works for all.

I want to make it easier for migrants and refugees to connect to resources and support by creating a supportive network. People should be able to develop confidence and self sufficiency including by owing business and get positive employment outcomes, no matter where they are from.

That’s why I initiated numerous support programs, projects and services including the Migrant Mentoring Program, the Legal Advice Clinic, Business & Employment Support Services.

The Mentoring Program was selected by the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust for their Diversity Awards, recognizing organizations that help to promote harmonious relations and diversity within New Zealand. CNZBA is now accredited with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council to advocate for its various causes at an international level.

The reason why I am doing this is because I believe in opportunity that and everybody should get the chance to pursue their passion and have a dream to fulfill – this takes support from others.My organization increasingly became a passion and a call. I work hard and with my heart, because it means a lot to me. With knowledge, some experience and skills, I feel more competent to do this work than ever before.

As an entrepreneur, I often realize my influence to shape the livelihoods of people, to inspire, to motivate and to assist them to reach their potential. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly anymore; my responsibility to my community and eventually to my country and to the world is an attempt I want to achieve.” God bless you.

Taz Mukorombindo