Christchurch International Market

It is about time to bring more color and happiness into Christchurch’s life again.

The International Market is going to fill the city with more brightness due to delicious food and different products from various countries.

Christchurch International Market is a social enterprise to create micro business opportunities with a focus on women and ethnic communities including migrants and refugees. The project began as a concept in 2013 after the Christchurch earth quakes with a need to provide access to market for people who had lost their physical infrastructure.

Market participants and beneficiaries have come with their own stories about their homes and culture. The market will give the opportunity to share their stories with the people of Christchurch, giving us an experience we may never receive otherwise.

The CBA is helping these citizens of Christchurch to achieve their own dreams of independence. By helping them we build a brighter multicultural city that is exciting for all of us.

Come join us at this year’s International Market with your friends & family! And don’t forget to share the exciting news.

See a short video of the genesis of the project below.

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