Walk a Mile With a Refugee

What is it about?

A wide range of refugees are constantly arriving in New Zealand. In our multicultural environment they blend in very well. They are invisible and largely unknown to us. So, here’s a great opportunity to meet some of these brave people and hear their back story. CNZBA in partnership with UNHCR are reaching out to the wider community of NZ to walk a mile with a refugee. We have groups meeting for this regularly in several locations.

Our Vision

To connect refugees within communities, building empathy and understanding. To gain inspiration from their stories and learn how we can help one another.

Funds and Donated Items

Money raised will help our refugee and migrant support service and the UNHCR in Australia to respond to refugee emergencies by providing displaced communities with ongoing assistance and protection. All items donated will be given directly to recent refugee families in New Zealand

Ways You Can Support and Get Involved

Join the walk

Join the conversation, this will be lots of fun, with  refugee stories, exciting things that are happening, friendships made, all sorts of ways you can support them. This can be your story too of helping a refugee to New Zealand. To participate join the Walk a Mile events. Sign up below 


Event Details

Are you a refugee? Do you know a refugee? Sign up.

Our donors are willing to give items that refugees need. Help us find recent refugees.

Participate as a business

Your business can join as a team at an organized walk,  make a tax deductible contribution in cash towards supporting refugees. Or can your business donate useful items for refugee families? Sign up below. 

Donate Items

We are able to distribute all kinds of items that you may want to donate. Use the button below to send us your list of donated items. Thank you.



Ways to Get Involved

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